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Our main researches are "Nutrition therapy for lifestyle-related disease,"  "Diet and exercise" and "Nutrition care for elder persons."  In addition to them, we are interested in "Interaction between therapy drugs and nutrients,"  "Communication of host and microbiota,"  "Nourishment for mental health," and so on.
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Nutrition therapy for lifestyle-related disease


Lifestyle-related disease, termed alternatively as non-communicable disease(NCD) is caused by several daily habits such as food custom, exercise, refresh, smoking alcohol and so on. We are focus on the aortic aneurysm, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD), inflammatory bowel disease(IBD), Type II diabetes mellites(T2DM) and osteoporosis, and investigate pathogenesis of these diseases. Our goal is to establish novel methods of prevention and therapy for these diseases.    

1.動脈瘤(Aortic aneurysm)

  共同研究者の米国ウィスコンシン大学血管外科の山之内先生とともに、私たちは、骨外組織である血管で破骨細胞に類似した細胞(破骨細胞様細胞)が発現し、血管の瘤化に関わっていることを発見しました(ATVB,2016;36(9):1962-1971./日本骨代謝学会 1st Autherで特集されました)。

  Aortic aneurysm is one of cardiovascular disorder, which is caused by several risk factors such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension, aging. Even if an aneurysmal large artery keeps swelling and then the artery is ruptured, it leads to death. In the cause of Japan, aortic aneurysm is the 10th leading cause of death almost every year.
  Recently, I and my collaborator Dr. Yamanouchi who is working on Division of vascular surgery, University of Wisconsin-Madison had discovered osteoclast-like cells existed in artery, not bone, and the cells can trigger aneurysmal formation of artery. Our current research is to investigate whether the citrus fruits-derived food factor can suppress aneurysmal formation using the mouse models.      

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  In the past, it had been said people in Europe and US suffer from inflammatory bowel disease(IBD) more than those in Asia, but recently the number of patients with IBD has increased in Japan. It seems alteration of environment and lifestyle involving a dietary habit in our country yield this problem. In addition, many studies has reported that gut microbiota are related to the disease. However, the pathogenesis of IBD has been still unclear, and its medical treatment has not been enough established yet.
  We has studied to prevent IBD and discover the precise cure method for IBD with the medical group in Kochi Health Sciences Center.    

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  Dr.Maloney, Dr.Yamanouchi(ともにウィスコンシン大学)との共同研究により、ヒトの検体の解析、また、COPDモデルマウスを作製し、Mg・ZnとCOPDの関連、また、新規治療法の確立を目指し、研究を行っています。

  Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) is caused by a long-term aspiration of harmful materials as cigarette smoke and air pollutants. Two hundred million patients with COPD are existed in the whole world, and over 3 million patients pass away every year(reported by WHO). In the case of Japan, NICE study, one of large research study in JPN documented 5 million patients with this disorder are estimated in our country. Some papers have reported magnesium deficiency is related to the QOL in the patients with COPD, and also a disfunction of zinc import into lung is possibly associated with exacerbation of COPD, however detail is unclear so far.
  We collaborate with Dr. Maloney and Dr. Yamanouchi(both in UWM), and investigate relationship between magnesium/zinc and COPD using human specimens, mouse models and cultured cells. 


  そこで、食物繊維由来代謝産物がインスリン分泌どのように関わっているのか、ヒト試験、in vivo・in vitro試験により、詳細に検討していく予定です(R4年度からの大学院生の研究課題)。




  私が栄養学の門戸を叩くきっかけとなったのが、スポーツ選手への食事 ・栄養(スポーツ栄養)です。栄養学を学び始め、20年…。関心を寄せてくれる学生たちのおかげで、ようやく『研究』としてのスポーツ栄養を開始することができました。






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